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Countless numbers of boutique pickup manufacturers these days are causing confusion when it comes to the question who can deliver the right pickups for your instrument.


Additionally, several Internet fori are spreading fairy tale stories about magnets, wires etc confusion people even more and making it difficult for them to choose correctly.


Our products have no vintage secrets – they just sound great, and that’s it !!!


GOOD TONE has spent considerable time and efforts in research to find out what guitar players of today like to hear and to feel.



All our products have been developed in cooperation with Guitarists and Guitar Builders to find out about their preferences.


The result is a huge choice of pickups which can satisfy nearly any sound request.


Not only the range is a significant point but also our excellent service to our customers to get the right pickup for their style of playing.


We also offer our customer a generous return policy of 10 days after sales date.

We are proud to state that so far none of our products has ever been returned to us.


We just listening carefully what you want so that you get what you want, not more not less !


This is the secret why GOOD TONE pickups have become so popular within such a short time.


We always hear "WOW", "Great stuff" and many other excited comments when people try our pickups for the first time.


Nevertheless, we continue to develop new products !


All GOOD TONE Pickups are handwound in the old tradition of the 50ies and 60ies. Like in those days they offer a rich, warm and defined sound which inspires while it rings like a bell even if you turn down the volume of your guitar.


Also significant is their amazing string definition which is so clear that some customers say that the guitar sounds like a harp.


Generally GOOD TONE Pickups don't need extra wax potting because our special winding technique creates high feedback suppression.


However, we offer wax potting on request and at no extra charge.

We strongly recommend wax potting to customers who play loud settings with lots of gain and compression.


Players who operate with low gain settings will be amazed how open, dynamic and lively our unwaxed GOOD TONE pickups respond through their amps. 


All single coils include covers and screws.

All single coil sets include one coil with reversed polarity to suppress hum when switched together at no extra charge.

Please specify in your order  if reversed polarity is not wanted.


All Humbuckers offer 4-conductor wiring for split coil operation.

If desired, we also offer classic 2-conductor braided wire without extra charge. (Note that 2-conductor wire doesn't allow split coil operation)


All Humbuckers are available for following string spacing:


49 mm Vintage Spec.

53 mm all Strat Tremolos und Floyd Rose


Of course we also offer custom winding and designs.

Just contact us for our superb service we are  known for in whole Switzerland.

No matter if your are hobby, semi or professional guitarist, our main goal at GOOD TONE is to offer you the best service and a sound which inspires your to improve your playing style.


Don't hesitate to contact us if you require more information !